Targa Tasmania 2011 – Leg 1

Targa Tasmania 2011It’s been an opening day filled with drama at Targa Tasmania 2011. But Dean Herridge, Ben Searcy and the Maximum Motorsport WRX STI have completed the day without a problem and currently sit in sixth position and just 49 seconds from the lead.

“We’ve had an untroubled run today”, commented Dean. “We’re not too far from the lead and we’re not asking a lot of the car at the moment, so I’m pretty happy.”

Likewise Graham Iddles, in the #985 Maximum Motorsport Subaru, also had a trouble-free day and completed special stage eight in 31st place.

Targa Tasmania 2011“I was really happy with our effort today. It was a really consistent performance today, and that’s what I’m trying to achieve. We’re trying to complete each stage as cleanly as possible, keep the car straight, and make sure we’re in good shape for the rest of the event.”

Tomorrow is another Launceston-based day, with the crews heading north-each in the morning for the first of eight stages which conclude with the Longford town stage, the scene of the infamous ‘Longford Challenge’.

Targa Tasmania 2011 – Leg 1 Results (Unofficial)

1. Quinn/Tillet, Nissan GT-R, 1:04
2. White/White, Lamborghini Gallado, +0.05
3. Glenney/Webb, Mazda RX8 SP, +0.22
4. Sims/Sims, Nissan GT-R, +0.37
5. Herridge/Searcy, Subaru WRX STI, +0.43
6. Close/Close, Audi TTRS, +0.44
7. Richards/Oliver, Porsche GT2 RS, +0.47
8. Weeks/Moscatt, Lamborghini Gallado, +1.06


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