The International Driver: 2008

The International Driver: 2008

A season packed with events throughout the Asia-Pacific region, during 2008 Dean tackled the Chinese championship for Subaru China, winning the team’s maiden victory in the CRC, and claimed the Pacific Cup title for Cusco Rally Team in the Asia-Pacific Championship. If that wasn’t enough, Dean and Maximum Motorsport took to the tarmac roads of Tasmania, rewarded with an outright podium at Targa Tasmania.

Asia-Pacific Rally Championship

  • 2008 Pacific Cup Champion
  • 2nd Outright Rally of New Caledonia
  • 2nd Outright Rally of Canberra
  • 4th Outright Rally Whangarei (New Zealand)
  • 3rd APRC (4th Outright) Rally Hokkaido (Japan)
  • 3rd Outright China Rally

Chinese Rally Championship

  • 4th Outright Shanghai Taramc Rally
  • DNF Rally Mohe
  • 2nd Changbaishan Mountain Rally
  • 1st China Rally
  • DNF Rally Shaowu

Other Events

  • 3rd Outright Targa Tasmania